About Us

At Optimal You, we have created a community of outstanding sole and separate practitioners who provide innovative, effective approaches to personal well-being. These professionals combine the best evidence-based psychotherapies, neuroscience, comprehensive energy psychology, mindfulness-based practices, body-centered therapies, classical homeopathy, medical hypnosis, nutrition, spiritual wholeness, trauma-informed treatment, and integrative psychiatry to help you bring forth your optimal self – mind, body, and spirit – in all of life.

The general goals of treatment include:

  • deepening self-understanding and awareness
  • bringing out your fullest potential
  • clearing obstacles that interfere with being your best self
  • increasing your resilience to the stresses of life and relationships, and
  • enhancing your ability to work productively and contribute meaningfully to others.

Optimal You’s mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, compassionate environment along with quality guidance and care — so that you can connect with your own inner healing resources, and become your most optimal you.